Fashion Retail Russia 2018


After two years of significant challenges, the Russian market of clothing and footwear expects positive changes. The experts predict the positive sales trend, and the customers adapt to the market and spend their money at fashion stores more frequently. At the same time, the new consumer market requires new demand principles.

Business Program. Main Topics

  • Customer experience and customization. How Big Data helps analyze customer needs and develop personal offers.
  • Progressive marketing in the fashion business. Best instruments and services.
  • Creative development strategies for fashion manufacturers. Development of own e-commerce platform vs dealer networks.
  • Circular economy and environment in fashion. Smart consumption.
  • Innovation and modern digital technologies. How to develop corporate startup mentality and innovation culture?
  • New opinion leaders. How to sell to Generation Z?
  • Sales mix (channels, products, types of promos) in the context of too many sales.
  • Fashion education in Russia: from theory to practice.

During the Forum, commercial negotiations session will be held. One-on-one meetings: negotiations between manufacturers and retail stores, online retailers, marketplaces, showrooms, developers and supermarkets.